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The Foundation of Our Business

Rocks can be"Big-Business" and it is important to be able to understand what they tell us. They host all of the metals that we use in everyday life, include gold, silver, copper lead and zinc. To find out more information about Taranis, click on the View Page.

The Quest & Remote Places

Ore deposits have been sought for thousands of years, and the most obvious deposits have been already mined-out. The quest for these deposits takes us to places that are remote. To find out more infomation on our Thor Project, click on the View Page.

The Reward!

It is still possible to find gold, silver and other metals near surface provided you have all the "right stuff". The deposits need to be trenched and drilled to develop the mineral occurrences into Resources. To find out about the Resource Taranis has developed at Thor, click on the View Page.


Many ore deposits are no longer found using the traditional prospecting methods, and require an indepth knowledge of not only geology, but other sciences including geophysics, computer science and geochemistry. To find out more infomation on our Directors, click on the View Page.

The Single Tree in the Forest

Exploration is essentially seeing through the Forest and finding a valuable tree. Sometimes the tree cannot be seen with the naked eye and requires technology that was not available to old-time prospectors. To find out how we use geophysics in Finland, click on the View Page.

Drill Baby, Drill

It is almost impossible to build a valuable Resource without using diamond drills. Diamond drilling is costly, and when done correctly it can be used to build an NI 43-101 Resource of valuable metals in the ground. To find out how we used drills to build a +1 M tonne Resource at Thor, click on the View Page.

Separating Fact & Fiction

Once a promising deposit of metals is found, it is necessary to evaluate the ability to be able to recover these metals out of the ground. There are many means to refine and concentrate ore, including gravity separation, and flotation. To find out about the recent metallurgical work at Thor, click on the View Page.

Focused Exploration

One of the main criticism of junior exploration companies by the public is the lack of focus to develop Resources on a Property. To discover more on the Resource at Thor, click on the View Page.

NI 43-101 Resources

The objective of any exploration program should be the discovery and the identification of Mineral Resources that can ultimately be classified into an NI 43-101 Resource, and ultimately mined to the benefit of the economy and the company's shareholders. To find out more information about Taranis, click on the View Page.

Where People Meet Challenges

Exploration is a capital intensive business, and it involves a lot of problem solving to find solutions to problems to test and evaluate the potential of an exploration property. To find out more information about our Directors, click on the View Page.

Under that Landscape is Risk

Under all the beautiful landscapes and the setting sun, lies Risk! The prudent junior mining company learns how to manage risk carefully, and not casue excessive dilution to the shareholders of the company. To find out more information about our share capital, click on the View Page.

The Tools

Exploration involves using a "toolbox" of equipment, each tool tailored to accomplish a specific objective in the exploration program. They can range from a hand-lens to an excavator, each looking to find an ore deposit. To see some images in our Gallery, click on the View Page.

The News Contrail

Exploration involves getting your hands dirty to find the answers to the questions that guide the exploration directive, and this information needs to get publicised to inform shareholders of our progress. To find out more information about News Releases, click on the View Page.

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Mining Exploration
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Canada - Thor

Thor (Ag, Zn, Pb, Au, Cu): Taranis has assembled a 1,801 Hectare (18 km2) land position that includes Crown Grants and Mineral Tenures over an expansive Ag-Pb-Zn-Au-Cu deposit that is interpreted to be a highly deformed massive sulfide deposit. Roscoe Postle Associates Inc. has completed an NI 43-101 Resource estimate of the deposit, but there is considerable exploration potential outside of the known deposit. You can read more about the exciting exploration potential on this project by clicking on the Canada link above.

Finland - Kittilä Copper-Gold Belt

This area in Finland consists of a number of advanced and early stage exploration projects. Most of the geologic formations within this area that host copper, gold, cobalt and nickel are horizontal lying - making many of the targets close to surface and potentially bulk-mineable. There are also higher grade areas with over 3% Cu/CuEQ that show potential for higher-grade deposits.

Naakenavaara (Cu, Au, Co, Ni): After completing extensive early-stage exploration in 2010, Taranis is convinced that the Naakenavaara project has what it takes to host a world-class Copper-Gold-Cobalt-Nickel deposit. Between 1972 and 2001, the Geological Survey of Finland drilled 35 holes (5,050.7 m). The Naakenavaara project covers 13.8 km2 of a feature known as the Naakenavaara Syncline, and is truly a "district-scale" target. There are two types of targets that Taranis is pursuing on this property, and these include wide zones of low-grade stratabound disseminate-style mineralization similar to the Aitik Mine in Sweden, and finally an Outokumpu-type massive sulfide target for which the company has found compelling evidence.

Riikonkoski (Cu, Au): Taranis has recently acquired the Riikonkoski Copper Deposit (8.7 km2) located only 6.5 km west of the Naakenavaara Property. The Geological Survey of Finland has completed 72 drill holes in the early 1970's (16,326m) and has identified three main bodies of mineralization that include the following Historical Resource.

Kettukuusikko (Au): This project (4.76 km2) occurs in the Sirkka Fault Zone and lies about 5 km northeast of Naakenavaara. A small gold deposit that is amenable to open pit extraction has been delineated with 61 drill holes, and has been drilled-off on 25 m centers. Taranis undertook an NI 43-101 resource evaluation of this project in early 2011 and identified 90,000 Ounces of Au (Inferred). Special emphasis was placed on expanding high-grade gold mineralization previously discovered in the Kettukuusikko North Zone, and a number of airborne and ground EM conductors have been identified in the North Zone that remain untested, and are within several hundred meters of known multi-ounce gold intercepts. The Fault that hosts Agnico Eagles' Kittilä Gold Mine (>4 M Oz. Au) 15 km to the northeast, may intersect the Sirkka Fault Zone on the Kettukuusikko project under the North Zone, forming a large target that already is known to contain multiple ounce gold values, but has not been explored! You can read more about the exciting exploration potential by clicking on the Finland link above. Sign up for News Releases, Information Updates and other shareholder material released by Taranis at Constant Contact:

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